How to Perform Your Own Kitchen Countertop Replacement

How To Perform Your Own Kitchen Countertop Replacement


You can make your kitchen look totally different by performing a countertop replacement or doing a cabinet refacing. If you kitchen closets, drawers and furnishing look shabby, your room will look dirty and untidy, even if it really isn’t. You can spruce up a dull kitchen by repainting your cabinets and replacing fixtures.

You can start this task by taking measurements. Afterwards, visit a home store or hardware to get your countertop replacement. Make sure you get the right size according to your previous measurements. When you get back to your house, remove the old countertop and check if you indeed got a new top that fits. Disable your plumbing and water connections and take the drain trap out.

Place the new counter and secure the fixture by screwing it on or placing the brackets correctly. Remove the caulking along the wall and back splash. Don’t dig in to harshly to reduce the chances of damaging your wall. Find out if your counter is level and make necessary adjustments if it is not. You can use timber shims to lift low parts.

If some parts of the cabinet below the counter are damaged during your replacement, you can always perform a cabinet refacing and make all your cabinets look like new. It will be wiser to do your countertop replacement before refacing because some parts of your cabinets may become scratched from the replacement job. This prevents you from performing the same thing twice.

Apply some putty in open crevices to seal the openings. Cover any gaps where water can trickle into. Reconnect your water supply and check if water comes out of your tap. Place some caulking on the backsplash near the wall. You may need help doing this, especially if you be doing some cabinet refacing. Ask for assistance from a friend with some carpentry background.

If the task seems a bit too much for you, you should seriously consider getting professional help. You can find kitchen remodeling contractors in the yellow pages or on the internet. Contractors also use industrial strength materials and bonding solutions. Their work might come out more durable and streamlined. You can avoid mistakes and leakage problems if a pro does it for you.

A good way to find a kitchen remodeling company in your area is to look for them on online directories. These websites usually recommend only reliable and licensed workers. Choose a contractor that services your town by including your ZIP code in the search. Within the website, you should also see options that indicate location and type of contractor whether they do cabinet refacing or countertop replacement.

Here are three reasons to replace kitchen countertops.

Adds Resale Value to a Home

Put simply, these days people want granite and quartz in their homes. When one plans to sell their home, installing granite or quartz countertops can be instrumental in affecting the resale value. These types of furnishings make a home seem far more rich than it might otherwise be, and can often make or break the decision of a potential buyer. If for no other reason, people would do well to add granite or quartz to their kitchens in order to boost the resale value of their home. With the housing market the way it is, this can often be the one thing that puts people above the competition, allowing them to sell their home with ease.

Great Food Surface

For those who like to cook, there is nothing better than having a quartz countertop. While other surfaces may be flimsy and less preferred, quartz is both food safe and is a strong, sturdy surface that can stand up to everything from dropped bowls to knife cuts. For preparing food, there is no better surface to combine with a high quality wood cutting board to get the job done. The more counter space you have, the better.

Impresses Guests

Everyone likes to impress their guests when they have dinner parties or gatherings, and there’s no better way to do so than with a brand new kitchen Granite countertops. This can often become the topic of conversation for people who have either never been in the home before or haven’t been by since remodeling, as it is truly a sight to behold. No matter what type of kitchen one has, granite or quartz can make the whole room shine. Many people install granite or quartz when remodeling their homes, and hold parties afterward to celebrate. To really bring in the compliments, one should always replace their counters when remodeling.

If you do not want to spend a large amount of money replacing countertops and kitchen fixtures, you can just have them refurbished. You can also perform the task yourself so you don’t have to spend for professional services. If you decide to do the work yourself, you should have the materials to work with, tools and the know-how. Some carpentry background might be necessary for refacing work.


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